About Us

We are in business since 1975, 'Changa Chai' (Tea Company) is our product. M/s. P. K. & Company was established in year 2013& headed byMr. Rajkumar Doshi & Mr. Pratap Doshi.We are providing safest, largest and hygienic cold storage service. We store all types of Fruits and Vegetables, Milk Products, Dry Fruits in our cold storage. We have created a Temperature Controlled Storage Facility keeping in view the requirements of Food and Agriculture industry. Our commitment does not end with the storage of products in cold storage. It is the beginning of strong bond of services that extends to become a lasting relationship with our clients. We also provide Industrial Shed for rental basis which is very useful for manufacturing, storage and distribution.

"Satisfied Customers Are Our Best Ads"

Our Mission

To build long-term relationships with customers by improving efficiency of distribution process through innovative and cost-effective logistics solutions of consistent quality and high standards. The key to the firm's success has been the forging of lasting partnerships with its customers, providing them with innovative solutions and efficient service. We take pride in evolving with the industries we serves. We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to help our customers prosper.

Our Vision

COLD STORAGE pledges to build a profitable company by employing the highest technical & ethical standards thereby creating a safe & healthy environment that provides fulfillment and satisfaction to customers & employees. We are proud of our store products sales & services.

Our Clients