PK Cold Storage

                              We are in the cold storage business since 2013. This cold storage consist of total four chambers i.e. first two chambers freezer room maintain -270C temp while the remaining 2 cold rooms temperature varying from 00 to 140C. This cold storage is useful for FDI, Strictly Vegetarian. The key to the firm's success has been the forging of lasting partnerships with its customers, providing them with innovative solutions and efficient service. We also provide Industrial Shed for rental basis. It is about 11,000 Sq.Ft. Cold Storage and Industrial Shed are in a single compound of 2 acres plot

Cold Storage Features


               M/s. P. K. & Company is integrated temperature-controlled logistics service provider in Maharashtra, India. Our storage capacity is 1200 metric tones. This cold storage consist of total four equal chambers of 300 metric tones i.e. first two chambers freezer room maintain -270C temperature, while the remaining two cold rooms maintains 00C to +140C temperature. We provide Blast Freezing Services to ensure better Product life. This cold storage is built on Freon Basis made by world leaders CARRIER controlled atmosphere technology.

Safety & Security

                              For security purpose CCTV Camera available in our company. For monitoring interior and exterior of the premises which ensures frozen products are safe and secure. In addition, safety Fire hydrant is available. In crucial condition emergency alarm monitoring is available. Cold Storage is made of Poly Urethene Foam (PUF) insulation for maximum efficiency. We provide duel feeder electrical supply with backup generator system. The cold storage is boarded with compound and stronger gate for higher security.

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