Safety & Sustainability


                              While supporting business growth our management team has maintained focus on safety performance. The start of a focused effort on reducing injuries caused by equipment accidents through implementation of various safety directives. When our workers work around such spaces, we gives him training and gives notice to be aware of the hazards that might be involved with cold storage: cold stress, slips and trips, confined space, chemical storage, and ergonomics. We provide warm dress, layered clothing for proper insulation to maintain their body temperature to prevent cold stress, warm cap with ear flaps, moisture-proof gloves and boots are given to protect them with insulated. We gives worker proper training about the symptoms of cold room related illnesses. Our manager decided to review and update the assessment at least once in six months or at any time when major changes to the work place occurred, such as the introduction of a new plant or process We continue to focus on conducting root cause investigations, and creating preventive actions.


                              P. K. Cold Storage is frozen food warehouses delivers environmental practice and sustainable warehousing which significantly reduces carbon emissions within the supply chain. We are using eco-friendly refrigeration technology. We are building modern facilities with industry-leading safeguards for the environment. And we will continue to responsibly manage resources to meet the evolving requirements of the communities we serve our customers, our employees and our industry. We measure waste generation, identify and employ new recycling sources and methods, and introduce new disposal and recycling technologies. We are focusing on water reuse and waste water generation.
For Sustainability -- Best Practices used for Refrigerator & Freezer
  • Developed a cleaning and maintenance schedule to maintain efficiency.
  • Minimized Frost Formation on Freezers
  • Clean Refrigerator & Freezer Coils
  • Check the Door Seals or Gaskets for Leaks.
  • Reduced the heat load by keeping items off and away from appliances.
  • Freezers in Cooler Areas.

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